Doctors and nurses: ‘When May and Hunt tell the public the NHS is not in crisis, that is a lie’

Ambulances queuing up outside A&E, operations cancelled for lack of beds… Could this winter prove the last straw for our struggling National Health Service? Those on the frontline speak out…An 81-year-old woman with chest pains dies while waiting three hours and 45 minutes for an ambulance. Patients are photographed lying on the floor of an A&E unit that has run out of beds, trolleys and chairs. Memos from inside another hospital reveal that its doctors “have been on their knees with workload pressure”. Over six weeks more than 90,000 emergency patients get stuck in the back of an ambulance outside a hospital, waiting to be transferred into the A&E.These events, which have all happened in England since late November, graphically illustrate the winter crisis tightening its grip on the National Health Service in recent weeks. Worrying, but at the same time predictable. Similar things happen every winter. Flu, bad weather and people struggling to breathe is a recurringly risky combination.The government either needs to get these resources in place, or admit that it wants this health service to failIt’s a vicious cycle: if we can’t get patients home because there’s no social care then nothing will get betterThese past few...
10 Published By - Health | The Guardian - 2018.01.14. 09:00
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